Strymon Magneto Eurorack Delay -  More Soon!

Strymon Magneto Eurorack Delay - More Soon!

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Strymon Magneto Eurorack Delay

  • Tape-voiced delay machine with four playback heads and one record head

  • Processor-intense dTape algorithm delivers meticulously nuanced recreations of vintage tape echo systems

  • Three operational modes: Echo, Sound On Sound Looper, Phrase Sampler

  • Varispeed algorithm with dynamic machine mechanics, 8:1 speed range

  • Input record level for clean reproduction to warm, fat saturation

  • Self-oscillating for tone generation

  • Independent Spring Reverb

  • Power

    • +12V rail: 210mA

    • -12V rail: 210mA

    • +5V rail: 0mA

    • Eurorack power cable included

  • Dimensions

    • Rack Width: 28hp

    • Rack Depth: 41mm, 1.61”

  • Designed & Built in the USA

for video demos see Strymon Product Page

Vintage Vibe.

To capture the full experience and complexity of a vintage tape echo machine, every last tape system attribute was relentlessly studied and faithfully recreated. From the sought-after natural saturation and soft clipping of magnetic tape when driven hard, to hands-on real-time controls for tape age, tape crinkle, and mechanical wow and flutter, Magneto delivers a rich multi-head delay experience that adds life and vibe to your sound.

Play It Like An Instrument.

Every function, control, gain stage, and signal path component in Magneto works together to respond musically and smoothly, even during the wildest live modular improvisations. All this is combined with a luxurious spring reverb to take the sound of your modular setup to a new level, and your sonic explorations into far-out territories.

Warm Up Your Rack

Not only does Magneto deliver the warm, luscious delay signals that tape delays are known for, it is also capable of a high degree of saturation. Turn up the Record Level knob to send a hot signal to the record head for any amount of tape saturation you desire. Turn up the Tape Age control for warmer repeats. Add some truly beautiful Spring Reverb. Magneto adds organic heart and soul to the sound of your modular.

Tone and Mechanics Control

The effect of the Low Cut and Tape Age knobs are explored, followed by the mechanical ‘deterioration’ of the machine with the Crinkle and Wow and Flutter controls. The Speed knob is put to use for sonic enhancement.


In a typical digital effect the dry signal gets converted to digital, causing conversion noise and latency. Signals are often attenuated before combining digital dry and wet, with makeup gain amplifying the conversion noise. To avoid this terrifying scenario, we’ve equipped Magneto with a completely analog dry path. Why go to all this trouble? Because the improvements in dynamic range and reduction in noise are so dramatic.

We’ve outfitted Magneto with the incredibly powerful Analog Devices SHARC ADSP-21369 processor, which provides a 366 MHz core instruction rate, and an incredible 2.4 Gigaflops of peak performance. Thanks to this high-powered technology platform within Magneto, we had the freedom to craft our processor-intense tape echo algorithms without compromise.

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