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Sinclastic Empulatrix

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Noise Engineering - Sinclastic Empulatrix

Exponential Attack-Release envelope generator combined with a clamping VCA in 4hp.

Sinclastic - stolen treasure - from Old English sinc 'treasure', from Greekclastic 'easily removable'

Empulatrix - - from Javanese empu 'an honorific title for craftsmen' with suffix -trix from Proto-Indo-European  forming a feminine noun with a negative connotation

"stolen treasure from a bad craftswoman"

Sinclastic Empulatrix was inspired by the simple envelopes used in the cymbals of the TR-808. These envelopes are simple exponential decays that are applied to the signal via clamping rather than the more typical scaling. For binary signals such as a square wave a clamping VCA will sound like a typical VCA. For analog signals it will add a clipping effect that gets stronger as the envelope decays.

The Sinclastic Empulatrix has knobs for control of attack and release.

The envelope is controlled by a gate input that determines the timing of the envelope. The envelope is also scaled by the voltage of the gate so it can be used to control the amplitude of the envelope.

The clamping VCA section of the Sinclastic Empulatrix has a simple input and output. It is DC-coupled so is suitable for control voltages and can be used without the envelope generator by turning the attack and release fully counter-clockwise and driving the gate with an analog CV.

This module can also be used as an asymmetric slew: the envelope output will track the gate input but will be slewed by the attack and release times based on relative voltage.


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