SCHLAPPI ENGINEERING – INTERSTELLAR RADIO (Last one until next production)!
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SCHLAPPI ENGINEERING – INTERSTELLAR RADIO (Last one until next production)!

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The Interstellar Radio is a faulty transmission line providing several varieties of destructive effects as well as acting as a non-volts/octave complex oscillator when no input is provided.

Interstellar radio converts an audio signal from the input jack to a high frequency pulse train and then back to an audio signal with voltage control over the clock for the up conversion (CARRIER) as well as the down conversion (DEMODULATOR), like a voltage controlled radio transceiver designed for poor reception.

Manipulating these clocks allows for a variety of aliasing, distortion, and frequency modulation type effects. The output is also sent to a comparator along with the input, and the result is available at the “ERROR” output for a ring modulation type effect.

When no input is provided a DC offset (controllable with the input jack) sets a frequency for the up conversion (which is effectively a VCO), the down conversion acts as a modulation oscillator allowing for a fairly radical form of frequency modulation. Two audio signals can be inserted into the clock input jacks and modulate each other in the same way.


  • Simulates the process of modulating and demodulating a signal for radio transmission

  • Effect or complex oscillator (non v/oct)

  • Voltage controlled aliasing, distortion, and frequency modulation effects

  • Two wide ranging voltage controlled square wave oscillators with individual outputs

  • CARRIER oscillator converts input into high frequency pulse train

  • DEMODULATOR oscillator inside control loop brings sound back to audio range

  • CV applies external voltage control to oscillators or uses input signal as audio rate FM

  • Internal oscillators can be replaced with external modulation sources

  • TYPE selects demodulation loop type (changes timbre and response)

  • ERROR output with threshold control

  • TONE control for filtering out the harshest of frequencies

  • All analog design

POWER DRAW:+12V 40mA, -12V 30mA

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