Roland Bitrazer

Roland Bitrazer

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BITRAZER is a unique modular effect combining intense bit and sample rate crushing effects and unprecedented control and flexibility. Able to be used as a tabletop unit or as a Eurorack module, and with an array of CV/Gate inputs, this compact 21 HP unit has a wide range of uses from studio production to live performance. Not only for modular synth users, BITRAZER is perfect for keyboard players, guitarists, DJs or any adventurous musician looking to expand their sound. Carefully crafted in Japan, BITRAZER has large, ultra-smooth controls with over 16 million steps of resolution and is fully re-programmable via computer or tablet.

  • Intense bit and sample rate destruction

  • CV/Gate parameter control including sample rate, bit depth, and filter

  • Tabletop unit or 21 HP Eurorack module using AC adaptor or Eurorack power

  • 24-bit knobs with over 16 million steps of resolution

  • Re-programmable via Mac, PC, iOS, Android application

  • 15 patchable submodules, expandable with free updates

  • 2 inputs and 2 outputs with dual-mono or stereo capability

  • AIRA Link compatible

  • 24bit/96kHz audio interface

  • Carefully crafted in Japan

While it sounds great out of the box, you can fully customize BITRAZER’s internal signal path by re-patching its array of virtual sub-modules via a custom application that works on Mac and PC as well as iOS and Android devices. Submodules are re-patched through a simple and intuitive drag and drop interface that even lets you choose which parameters are assigned to the high-resolution “GRF” knobs. You can reprogram BITRAZER in realtime via USB connection or save and recall patches with a simple audio signal. You can even share patches with other BITRAZER users.

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