Richter Envelator

Richter Envelator

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Analog Envelope/LFO

The Malekko Richter series of modules offer the same great sound, ergonomics, musicality, and quality that made the Wiard 300 series legendary at a fraction of the cost and size in Eurorack modular format.
The Richter envelope generator, the Envelator , is a multifunction slope linear function generator.
The attack and decay slopes are individually voltage
controllable with input attenuators. Each unit ouputs the
envelope, inverse of the envelope (negative going envelope),
a voltage step signal during the attack phase, and a pulse at the end of the decay phase. 
The gate input has a three
position switch which selects: 
AttackRelease where the output remains high as long as the gate is high, 
AttackDecay where the decay phase begins immediately after the attack phase regardless of the gate level,
Cycle where the gate input is connected to the end pulse which causes the unit to act as an low frequency oscillator (LFO). The LFO extends into the low audio range and has triangle and square outputs. Any triangular or sawtooth shape or pulse width can be adjusted by the attack and decay controls.

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