Retro Mechanical Labs Jekyll N Hyde B-stock

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Retro Mechanical Labs Jekyll N Hyde B-stock

B stock in this case is just an imperfect fit in the lower right corner where the corner doesn't sit plum and flush with the top panel. Otherwise it's absolutely perfect and new and has a really great looking Meter!

Please see images for the slight flaw in the alignment of the panel and the corner. 

Retro Mechanical Labs JEKYLL N HYDE

The Jekyll n Hyde is a dual LP filter distortion box with enhanced resonant feedback. One Transistor ladder filter and one Diode ladder filter. The input can be linked to feed a mono signal into each filter creating a wide stereo effect. This sounds great with mono analog synths. Both filters have a pre drive/distortion, a post gain and germanium clipping. Each filter also has a slow drifting LFO for subtle modulation and CV ins for filter control.

The filters can also be used separately for stereo processing.  Just unlink the inputs with the M/S toggle in the back. Depending on how you have it dialed in the you can create a very wide stereo field or a more natural one. Both filters have a different method of distortion in the pre-drive section. Jekyll is cleaner, Hyde can be made to be fully distorted.

***Keep in mind the look may vary depending on type of wood and meter used. Should you have any special requests as far as color just send me an e mail. …or you can leave me to my own devices. I do my best to give each box its own unique look and personality.


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