Otto Von Schirach Pelican Moondance EP/12"
Forced Exposure

Otto Von Schirach Pelican Moondance EP/12"

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Otto Von Schirach Pelican Moondance - Chopped Zombie Fungus Vol. 2 EP/12"

Aside from Richard Devine and Phoenecia, no one embodies the Schematic sound like Miami-based Otto Von Schirach. On Pelican Moondance, the second installment in the Chopped Zombie Fungus trilogy, Schirach flashes his blades and edits techno to pieces, only to sew them back together into a beastly music. Comparable to the freakish soundtracks of Bernard Hermann or Tom Waits circa Swordfishtrombones, but refreshed an modernized to the hilt, the title track kicks it off. Schirach has cold-cocked his Powerbook, and it has mutated to produce a tempestuous, vipertine music. Like in 'Four Months, Four Walls' composed during his hospitalization, wherein you're suddenly deep in a spacious canyon. You notice the bass spreading all around your living room like space-fuzz, a low-end, warmly disruptive sonic buzz. Classic Shirach. Less spaztic than some copy-cat abstract beat projects, Chopped Zombie Fungus is compositional, like the tunneling soundtracks of the RZA or the sample arrangement from DJ Shadow. But Otto is not here to party -- his villainous, deadly beats have more in common with El-P than Cut Chemist. Like others on Schematic, Shirach has the whole sonic spectrum at his command. Deep bass and sinewave shards can be had in seconds, then hammered into foundational beats, sped up so fast they start to fray, or slowed down so they start to shrink. This is past Squarepusher, past IDM and into the sedimental, the fantasmic. You might say he's ready to blow up, but Shirach prefers to conquer. Surrender while you still can."

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