Noah Creshevsky ‎– Hyperrealist Music, 2011-2015
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Noah Creshevsky ‎– Hyperrealist Music, 2011-2015

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Noah Creshevsky ‎– Hyperrealist Music, 2011-2015

This collection, featuring seven pieces from 2011 to 2015, celebrates Noah Creshevsky's 70th year with a fittingly life-affirming and masterful verve. An award-winning composer who has studied with Nadia Boulanger and Luciano Berio, he began composing electronic music in 1971, using the power of circuitry, tape and then digital technology to create a "hyperreal" musical world in which recordings of human performers, both vocalists and instrumentalists, are juxtaposed and recombined in compositions which span eras, cultures and genres. His use of expanded musical palettes arises from an aesthetic of inclusion, guided by an open spirit and an expansive musical sense. The combination of the emotional power of human performances with the precision of computers create real-beyond-real super-performances of surprising control and virtuosity, resulting in a hypothetical and yet very real music, full of drama, humor, and tenderness. This CD, Creshevsky's second release on EM, following the 2004 "Tape Music" compilation, gives ample evidence of both his mastery of digital technology and his profound, empathetic musical instincts. His ability to use the computer to highlight the gifts of human performers is displayed on every track, including a piece which focuses on Japanese vocalist Tomomi Adachi.


1 Pulp Fiction (2014)
2 Tomomi Adachi Redux I (2011)
3 Quaestio (2014)
4 Orchestral Variations (2013)
5 Full Fathom Five (2011)
6 La Valse (2013)
7 You Are Here (2015)

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