Nic Pascal: Magnetic Web
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Nic Pascal: Magnetic Web

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“Here's another album that's been known to me since I was a small kid. Around 1979, my dad would occasionally buy some odd and obscure releases, although he wasn't exactly a music expert. And this was one of them. For some odd reason he got rid of the album rather quickly, although I actually liked the album, I couldn't express that to my father. Don't forget at that age, my knowledge of music was very limited, only through my father's record collection and what was played on FM rock stations of the time. As years went by, I was starting to wonder if my mind was playing tricks that there was a 1973 electronic album called Magnetic Web, and that I was really thinking of Magnetic Fields from Jean Michel Jarre. I knew that wasn't true, given that album came out in 1981, and my father bought Magnetic Web in '79 (or perhaps '80). Years later, I was wondering who did that Magnetic Web album, and found out on the Internet that it was Nik Raicevic. I am so glad to know my mind wasn't playing tricks. Also happy to know he released four other albums. In 2006, I was able to acquire a copy, and I'm ever glad I did. 
By this point, Nik Raicevic was beginning to use an ARP 2600 synthesizer on top of his Moog, and even an early drum machine. He even guested on, of all things, the Rolling Stones' Goats Head Soup, on percussion, he was credited as Pascal (that's his middle name, that's why Magnetic Web has him named as Nik Pascal). What you got here is some really bizarre, trippy electronic music. Here he started emphasizing a more pulsing sound like on the title track and "Dance of the Supernatural". "Light Stimulus" features a lot of really cool sci-fi sounding sounds, while "Interplanetary Beings" features strange electronic laser sounds. "Edge of the Unknown" features some strange droning sounds and strange organ at the end. "Cosmic Aura" simply trips me out with those great analog synth sounds, although it ends rather abruptly leading me to think he ran out of tape before he got to finish it, but left it that way.
My copy came with the shrink wrap and the warning sticker "Do not listen to this album if you're stoned" still intact. I don't recall my father's copy bearing that sticker, but then again, he purchased it several years after it was released and it was likely used. I realize many copies don't have this warning intact since most people tore off their shrink wrap long ago. Regardless, I find that priceless. All his albums (save the 1970 Head album for Buddah) came with that warning. I also love that sci-fi artwork, look like a missing scene from the 1973-74 Star Trek animated series.
Despite the vast amount of obscure titles I've ran across that's been reissued on CD, none of Nik Raicevic's albums have seen the light of day on CD, which is really too bad. So hold on your tuntables, since this album and all his others come recommended for those who like unusual electronic music.” (review from Discogs)

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