Maxon PT999 Phase Tone

Maxon PT999 Phase Tone

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Maxon PT999 Phase Tone

**does not include power supply

With its single knob, the PT999 Phase Tone looks deceptively simple.  Yet packed into this tiny blue box is a host of the most authentic 70’s-era phasing effects available in a current production unit.

The secret behind the PT999’s timeless tone lies in the fact that its circuit is exactly the same as it was when first introduced in 1974.  While many “reissue” effects are far from true to the original designs, Maxon has taken great pains to keep the Phase Tone unchanged for close to 40 years.

By adjusting the lone Rate control, a wide variety of expressive phasing nuances can be coaxed from the PT999 - all of them whisper quiet and amazingly transparent.  Its minimalist circuit doesn’t get in the way of your guitar tone – it simply accentuates it, working equally well to spice up clean or distorted sounds.

If you demand classic phase shifting effects without compromising your guitar’s signature tone, the PT999 Phase Tone has no equals.

  • Classic 70’s phasing ala’ vintage Phase 90

  • Hand-selected Toshiba FET’s

  • Chewy, organic phasing with subtle drive

  • Nails classic Van Halen phase sound

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