Maxon CS-550 Stereo Chorus

Maxon CS-550 Stereo Chorus

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Maxon CS-550 Stereo Chorus

**does not include power supply

With a circuit based around the Panasonic MN3207 Bucket Brigade IC, the CS550's “straight-outta ’79” chorus effect is bold and resonant without sounding harsh.  Unlike the sterile chorus sounds of the 80’s, the 550 has an edgy, almost grainy quality that keeps your tone articulate and prevents wash-out.

The CS550’s custom-tuned oscillator circuit provides enough speed for authentic rotary speaker simulation, and just the right amount of modulation for a lush vibrato that won't leave you feeling queasy.

With its Delay Time control the CS550 can venture into Flanger territory, adding a resonant, hollow quality to the effect that’s great for solos.

A rear-mounted Blend control allows you to adjust the level of the Chorus effect to set it back in the mix against your dry signal.

A unique feature of the CS550 is its ability to create spatial effects that add dimension to your guitar tone without the traditional Chorus wobble.  With Speed and Depth set low and the Delay Time at max, the 550 thickens your sound much in the manner of a double-tracked guitar, adding girth and life without excessive modulation.

The CS550 features stereo outputs for mono, stereo, or inverted mono signal routing.

  • Classic analog chorus circuit based on Boss CE-1

  • Wide range of standard chorus effects

  • Unique “spatial” effects unavailable with other chorus units

  • Panasonic MN3207 Bucket Brigade IC

  • Delay Time and Effect Blend controls

  • Stereo outputs

  • True Bypass Switching

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