Maja Osojnik - Let Them Grow LP vinyl

Maja Osojnik - Let Them Grow LP vinyl

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Maja Osojnik - Let Them Grow LP vinyl

released February 1, 2016 

music & lyrics, recorded, edited, produced by maja osojnik between 2013-2015 

instruments: vocals, field recordings, paetzold bass recorder, e-bass, melodicas, toys, radios, glockenspiel, cassette recorders, abandoned pianos, installations tubes, electronic setup with dj cd player and different guitar pedals, electronics 

sampled artists: 
tamara wilhelm - electronics (#4) 
manu mayr – double bass (#2, #15,#16) 
matija schellander – double bass (#2,#8) 
patrick wurzwallner – drums (#8, #9) 

main vocal recorded by oliver brunbauer at hotel pupik 
mixed by patrick pulsinger at feedback studio I. 
mastered & LP cut by rashad becker, D&M 
artwork by raumschiff engelmayr 
photography by rania moslam

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