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LZX Industries Visual Cortex

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LZX Industries Visual Cortex



Your key to a new creative dimension! Consolidating several previous LZX Industries modules, Visual Cortex is an integrated core module with all the essential functions required for modular video synthesis in the EuroRack format. Visual Cortex is capable of a wide variety of processes, including external video processing, 2D shape/animation generation, complex colour mixing, automated transition control, luma and chroma keying, and much more.

-Input Decoder prepares external video sources for processing inside your modular videosynthesis system. The video input is YPbPr (Component) for full color video processing. The Y input may be used with NTSC/PAL sources if only monochromatic processing is desired.

-Output Encoder transforms any type of voltage ­­ video, audio, CV, logic ­­ into video signals suitable for display or recording. Outputs include NTSC/PAL, S­Video and YPbPr (Component) video signals.

-Sync Generator produces master synchronizing pulses for your entire modular video synthesis system. It can lock to external sources for synchronized processing. NTSC/480i and PAL/576i timing formats are supported.

-Animation & Key Generator is a multi­function low frequency control voltage generator  designed specifically for video transitions, with an internal keyer as well. It is capable of triggered, manual and automated transitions.

-Colourizer & Compositor is a multi­function analogue RGB processor designed to combine two sets of RGB signals into a single composite output. Blending modes include crossfading, addition/subtraction, and multiplication. Special features include color inversion, solarization, and a triple band linear colourizer. -26HP frontpanel width, 1.75 inch mounting depth. -Power consumption is 225mA per each +/­12V power rails, EuroRack standard power connector.

“LZX Industries is a Texan/Australian partnership drawn together by mutual obsession with early video art, and frustration with the lack of available hardware products for modular video synthesis and processing. The goal of LZX Industries is to provide highly functional, professional tools for interacting with video signals in a hardware context at a price point within the grasp of the independent artist.

With its beginnings as a DIY project, the LZX Visionary video synthesizer is now a full system which can be integrated with other synthesizer modules in the EuroRack format. Our system design philosophy is to provide maximum flexibility, complete patchability, and a strong functional identity within each system component. Our priority is to continue to integrate the functionality of legacy video hardware from the golden age of video art into the system, while pushing new boundaries where possible. We plan to release dozens of new LZX Visionary modules and standalone devices in the coming years.”
– LZX Industries

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