LZX Industries Bridge
LZX Industries

LZX Industries Bridge

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LZX Industries Bridge

Bridge is a multi-function utility module for video synthesizers.  It is designed with the simple goal of packing a variety of always useful utility functions into a compact, low cost package.

    • Dual buffered multiples with three outputs and voltage scaling.  In amplify setting, input signals are amplified by a factor of five.  In attenuate setting, input signals are attenuated by a factor of five.  These scalers allow quick translation between standard EuroRack audio world 5V signal levels and LZX video module 1V signal levels. 

    • Single wideband voltage controlled crossfader/multiplier with CV inversion switch.  It can be patched as a single VCA, a crossfader/switcher between two inputs, or when combined with the mixer section a 4-quadrant multiplier.

  • Single three input signal mixer.  Two adding inputs and one subtracting input.  One adding input can alternately perform a mirrored inversion (1V - input signal.)

Weight 6 oz
Dimensions 6 x 3 x 2 in


Mounting Depth

1.25 inches (31.75mm)

+12V Power Consumption


-12V Power Consumption


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