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Little Bath Salts Cassette

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Little Bath Salts Cassette 

Little Bath Salts Greatest Hits Volume One is a singularly strange document.  Each cassette has two of six possible sides and one of seven possible variations on the cover art.  It is very unlikely that any two copies would be identical.

LBSGHV1 is a perfect blend of insular low-fi bedroom insanity and cutting edge modular synthesis.  By far and away the strangest and best recording to come out of Portland, Oregon in recent memory, this joint lays bare the inside of a mind broken by emotional torment and soaked in research chemicals.

Little Bath Salts is the alter ego of Ralph Barton.

Genre:. Electronic Overload.
The artist is the worst person to write the blurb.  My mind is such shit.

Credits:. Mastering by Mike Erwin.  Final product by Saturn Duplicating.

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