Industrial Music Electronics Bionic Lester MKIII Filter
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Industrial Music Electronics Bionic Lester MKIII Filter

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Industrial Music Electronics Bionic Lester Filter

From Industrial Music Electronics, the Bionic Lester MK III is a dual 2-pole state variable digital filter inspired by the “virtual analog” filters of the late ’90s. Each filter has controls for cutoff, resonance, and mode. An OLED screen displays cutoff frequency, resonance amount, and filter type. Using either the mode control or CV, it can smoothly morph filter types from lowpass to bandpass, highpass, notch, and allpass/comb filter. The allpass/comb mode features three types of tuned delay lines; allpass, positive feedback comb, and negative feedback comb. The audio inputs feature a digital VCA before the filter with gain and distortion control. From the lowest setting to the middle settings, the control simply controls the gain. Past the middle point, it begins to soft clip and eventually hard clips as it reaches the maximum values. These harmonic distortions can then be further shaped by the filters. Each filter has three CV inputs, with one hardwired to the filter’s cutoff frequency. The other two CV inputs can be assigned to any parameter: resonance, mode, gain, or cutoff.

The CV configuration can be stored as a preset. The MK III preset management system allows for up to eight presets and features CV control over the preset, complete with the option for sudden transitions or smooth morphing between saved states.

Filter B also has a LINK control for internally routing filter A’s control or audio signal into the B channel. This can be used for dual-peak resonance, cascaded 4-pole filtering, two stages of distortion, and stereo spread of the filters. The Bionic Lester MK III features independent A and B outputs as well as a mix output with crossfader to mix between the two signals.

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