Georges Teperino, Cecil Leuter; Weird Sounds, Crazy Sounds CD
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Georges Teperino, Cecil Leuter; Weird Sounds, Crazy Sounds CD

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Spot-on reproduction of this mythical 1969 TVMusic library (TVM 102, right after TVM 101’s “Cosmic Sounds b/w Electro Sounds”) offering a side of “Weird sounds” by Georges Teperino (again, aka Nino Nardini, Peter Bonello) & one of “Crazy Sounds” by Roger “Cecil Leuter” Roger (aka Archie Gun, Eric Swan.)

While “Cosmic b/w Electro” has some nice moments of “lyrical” electronic music that presage pretty much the entire “Library” spec, this one is completely bonkers, throwing any & all “Groovy” connotations out with the bath-water in favor of alternatingly “White Lab Coat” & “Reckless Abandon” approaches that boggle the mind. The opening track sounds fresh out of a Stockhausen piece (an electronically gated trombone drone slowly folds over itself) & from there things only get stranger (drum machines, played backward through echo accompanied by tape-munged slide guitar - dissonant organ clusters & theremin / synthesizer glissandi float over milky pools of phosphorescent vibes.)

But easily the most head-scratch-ingly awesome moments are the first three “Cues” on side B, sounding like an aborted Mahogany Brain / Fille Qui Mousse jam session gone awry, in which a zonked “Psych” power trio essentially covers the AMM / MEV split in its entirety (OK, maybe that’s a little hyperbolic - but it’s a seriously out-there session,)

This recedes into a suite of minimal collage pieces, all involving small, clicking “Clock” noises sent packing through an array of tape-manipulation & time-based effects.

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