Erogenous Tones Structure Video module
erogenous tones

Erogenous Tones Structure Video module

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Erogenous Tones Structure Video module

STRUCTURE is now shipping worldwide, available at all your favorite retailers.  Check the DEALERS page to find out where  erogenous tones modules are sold.

STRUCTURE is a visual synthesis module realized in the eurorack format!  For more information on STRUCTURE, head over to the STRUCTURE page, accessed by hovering over MODULES above and selecting the STRUCTURE menu option.

Eurorack Visual Generator Module

STRUCTURE is a visual generator module that is based internally on an OpenGL GLSL node based platform. It uses the concept of node structures to push visuals through the system.

STRUCTURE contains a video input system that you can select between two formats, Composite video or LZX 1V RGB (with sync applied to rear of module). The Composite input does full color decoding. Input video can be mixed through effects, with other generators, effected with audio, etc.  Input video can be NTSC or PAL, 480i.  STRUCTURE auto detects and converts video inputs.

STRUCTURE contains two mirrored video outputs, both composite, selectable to NTSC or PAL 480i.

Two audio rate CV inputs can be used with audio nodes to generate audio based visuals, effects moved by audio waveform, XY plotting of audio inputs, or just used at low frequency CV inputs when not using audio nodes.

Three CV rate inputs can be used to modulate a variety of controls on each node.

All CV can be set independently to 1V or 5V expected input. Each CV has a scale control and a positive offset control for fine tuning incoming CV voltages.

A joystick can be used to modulate controls in real time, or used to record motion information that is played back in a loop.  In addition, the joystick has a metal hat for nice weighted movement.

STRUCTURE can also generate 3D graphics, animate properties of the 3D objects, and allow you to map and node type to the texture of the 3D objects (like video).

Three gate inputs, usable by local buttons as well.

Three macro knobs on the top right, allow for global changes to the output node which are user configurable.

STRUCTURE has a USB input, which you can attach MIDI interfaces, MIDI keyboards, controllers, etc, or even a standard PC keyboard or numeric keypad.  You can assign actions or state changes to trigger from any of these input sources.

SDCARD on front and back.   Backside SDCARD stores system, front side stores user presets, images, configurations, objects, custom shaders, etc.

STRUCTURE has a full color 320×240 preview screen which also provides lots of feedback when using.

Alternate Power Brick Recommendation

As indicated in the “Getting Started” guide, STRUCTURE has the ability to be powered off of a dedicated +12V power brick that will reduce the entire positive rail current from your eurorack case.  There is a barrel connection on the back of STRUCTURE, which is designed to auto-switch when +12V power is present on the jack.

+12V Power Brick

Note: The Power Brick above can supply >8 amps of power, which is far more than STRUCTURE will use.  If you don’t anticipate using other modules that support this auxiliary +12V method, you can select a lower current version with the same connector setup.

Note: This +12V auxiliary standard is the same as what is implemented in certain LZX modules, like Liquid TV.  LZX and ET are working on a +12V distribution module for bringing in extra +12V power on the front (or side) of a case for power hungry visual circuits. (So you won’t need a brick for every module, just one).  Stay tuned for more details.

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