Modular 8

Dtronics DT7 Programmer for Yamaha DX7

Regular price $1,900.00

This is incredible. Although very expensive, it is built like a tank, works great with no fussing and gives you complete knob-per-function control over ALL of the parameters available on ALL DX7 Models. It is massive, the photos do not do it justice; there are 144 knobs on the panel. If you own a DX7 and are dying to turn it into a elegant (albeit large) knob-per-function 6 oscillator FM performance powerhouse, you need this!

Warning: Shipping will be very expensive because of the size and weight of this. Sorry about that. Note: I am the only North American dealer with these. People are scalping them used for upwards of 2,200$ (see That is ridiculous. 

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