Don Muro - Synthesizer Pop for  New Age LP vinyl
Forced Exposure

Don Muro - Synthesizer Pop for New Age LP vinyl

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Don Muro - Synthesizer Pop for  New Age LP vinyl

"Don Muro is the perfect music for any occasion: bike riding, dancing, playing video games, kissing your crush, chilling out, going hard, exploring your mind, hiking a mountain, boating, petting wild animals, tightrope walking, walking around a new city, highway driving, enjoying folk art, trying on cute outfits, putting on rouge, sipping an elixir, jump roping, making love, going up to a long window curtain and rolling your body up in it like a little blintz, finding a magic egg..." - Mary Houlihan, 2017


released March 3, 2017

All music composed, performed and recorded by DM

Recorded at The Wailing Wall studio

All music copyright Don Muro & published by J.D. Wall Publishing (ASCAP)

Mastered by Derek Muro at YouTooCanWoo, Brooklyn, NY

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