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Delaydelus 2 by Bleep Labs/LAST ONE!

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Delaydelus 2 by Bleep Labs

The Delaydelus 2 is a modular friendly follow up to our original sampler/delay instrument.
By Daedelus and Dr. Bleep with graphic design by Trek Matthews 

  • Stereo 16bit 44kHz audio i/o

  • Banana plug patch bay allows you to play up to 4 samples at once triggered from the two arcade buttons or trigger inputs.

  • Control the speed and direction of the samples with the knobs as well as the CV FM (-5V to 10V) input

  • CV envelope follower out (0-8V) based on audio playback level

  • Trigger outs (10V) from each sampler button.

  • One shot mode, Gate (mpc style) mode, + Send external audio through the built in 1 second stereo delay.

  • Record into one of 10 banks. Each can hold up to 17 seconds of high quality audio.

  • Delay sync in and out with the ability to divide and multiply incoming sync rate.

  • Micro SD card slot allows loading and saving WAV files to and from the 10 banks.

  • Built-in new samples from Daedelus

  • Worldwide 12 DC power adapter included

At its core the Delaydelus 2 is performative sampler that can manipulate the pitch of 4 stereo samples at once.
Coupled with extensive CV in and out, a syncable delay, and audio input you have a machine that can make anything from boom bap beats to outer dimensional noise loops, with or without additional gear.

Is it a module? Can you mount it in a Eurorack case?
The Delaydelus 2 is a stand alone unit that can send and receive standard CV and triggers from a eurorack modular or anything else but. It's made to live outside a rack so you can perform with it more easily, or use it without modular gear entirely. It's also a bit taller than a eurorack module.

It's not necessarily semi-modualr but self patching is encouraged.  The device takes -5 to 9V CV inputs, triggers over 3V, sends 10V triggers, and sends 0-8V CV out Audio in and outs are line level AC coupled.

Is it an effect?
Yes you can use it as a stereo delay effect with one of the 2 through modes. Delay times of the left and right channels are independently adjustable.

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