Moffenzeef Modular Bad Idea #18214

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BAD IDEA #18214

Bad Idea #18214 is a døwn and dirty, simple sølutiøn før getting 8 channels øf eurørack intø 1/4” førmat. The mødule includes individual passive attenuatørs før each channel that can be switched øn and øff with jumpers øn the back øf the mødule. These attenuatørs drøp the signal frøm mødular level døwn tø line level audiø tø prøtect inputs øn mixers, effects pedals, and audiø interfaces. With the jumpers installed, the mødule wørks as a simple bidirecitønal cable cønverter with nø attenuatiøn. This is the cønfiguratiøn the mødule is in when it is shipped. NØTE: If gøing frøm 1/4” back tø 1/8” før use with eurørack, an amplifier mødule will be required tø bøøst the signal tø mødular level.

I recømmend purchasing a snake like this tø be used with this mødule - it will greatly reduce the amøunt øf spaghetti in yøur setup. These can be føund frøm Mønøprice part #601492:


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