Modular 8

Circuit Bent Casio SK-1

Regular price $650.00
Refurbished and circuit bent Casio SK-1. Modified by expert technician with 20+ years of experience. No warranty, however, we offer lifetime repairs at minimal cost if any issues arise in the future! Retains all the original SK-1 functionality until a bend point is activated, too! Includes: atari joystick port (on right side) AND rca jack patchbay which plugs into this port, 9 bend switches, opto theremin, lfo, soft reset, balanced 1/4" output, pitch bending knob (switch between original clock and newly installed precision oscillator), body contact modulators and more. Note: Atari joystick is not included - the patchbay (plugs into the joystick port) IS included!

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