Bsmith Piston Honda Expansion ROMs

Bsmith Piston Honda Expansion ROMs

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Bsmith Piston Honda Expansion ROMs 

Piston Honda MKII has 16 waveform ROMs onboard, each holding 256 8-bit waves. The ROMs are organized into 16 banks each. The last 6 ROMs (A-F) may be overwritten by your own custom data, using the PISTON HONDA expander board. To use, plug the expander into the back of the module with the power OFF. Then, hold down the DISCONTINUITY MODE button and turn the power on, and wait one minute for the waves to load. Be sure to load all 6 slots of the expander, or you will have "blank spots" in the module's memory. These waveforms are now written to the module’s memory, and you can remove the expander board.

Compatible with The Harvestman Piston Honda MKI and MKII

Four ROMs included:


  • Udder.256 (Bsmith original waves)
  • New.256 (included with the wave256 software) 
  • Glare.256 (waveforms morph between various female vocal vowels)
  • Monowave (from wiard group)

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