Badrich - Compiler_Log CD

Badrich - Compiler_Log CD

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Badrich - Compiler_Log CD

Igloomag Review

From Portland, Oregon, and with a bit of a propulsive blow to the ears, comes _COMPILER LOG, newly remastered album on compact disc, and focused on music that Jason Goodrich (aka Badrich—and also Technicolor Yawn) produced from 2013-16. All manner of extraterrestrial and oxidized electronics is the result.

Here we see this compiler rebirth with new(er) material, and it still contains sharp edges and well produced dystopian themes. As last year’s Viscosity—which “splattered across the spectrum like a misplaced set of Autechre versus Einoma outtakes that needed a good home“—_COMPILER LOG manipulates similar spaces, ravishing all tones, clips, bleeps and low-end like a fine audio craftsman would.

Otherworldly broken electro-glitch bits are scattered all about, skittering their way across each piece like a growing virus maneuvering through the albums’ 16-tracks. But what seems to be missing, perhaps intentionally, are any upfront melodic data streams. Instead, Badrich skews alien sounds, scattering them around heavy beatwork, bass heavy blocks, and skeletal rhythms. Machined electronic shadows are cast upon each piece, and what it delivers is turbulent exp-electronic snapshots that weave together as a whole. Mind boggling, and cause for likely Pacific Northwest seismic activity when played at high volume, Badrich’s sound is coherent and corrosive at the same time. Decomposed and refined to no end, fans of early-era Autechre, Phoenecia, Richard Devine should take notice if not for the robust robotic layers it unleashes to the masses. Highlights include “Sequential Malfunction.edit,” Squidbrains,” and “Space fold.”

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