Demo Antimatter Sub Ring

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The Sub Ring is the missing 5-­channel analog mixer section of your modular, especially tuned to play well with oscillators. It features a ring mod, 2 sub octaves, and a noise generator. It adds character, volume, and depth to your synth voice. All 5 channels are summed at the ‘Mix’ output and have 1.5X amplification. A mix out and dedicated white noise output are provided. Use the Sub Ring to fatten and add depth to your patches!

  • 6HP

  • 100% analog

  • Input with gain and bipolar level control

  • 2 analog sub octaves derived from input 1 with level control

  • Analog white noise with level control and dedicated full­level output

  • Ring mod of input 1 x input 3 (or whatever is input into the Ring input) with level control

  • DC­ coupled to facilitate experimentation with CV signals!

  • Inputs 2­4 provide normaling functions to act as mixer inputs

  • Thicken and add depth to classic synth patches, experiment with adding sub octaves and ring mod to unexpected sources (vocals/drum machines/CV signals), use as a 4­input utility mixer + ring mod (which can act as a 5th input with VCA), a noise source for sound or random functions, etc…


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