Demo Antimatter Audio V3kt

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Antimatter Audio V3kt

The V3KT is a 6hp, 4-channel morphing vector mixer/quadraphonic panner with dedicated CV logic outs!

v3kt makes it very easy to animate vector mixes/synthesis, dynamic quadraphonic panning, or automate distribution of a signal through quad high-quality VCA channels. With easy operation and dedicated CV logic outs that can be fed back into your patch, it is truly an instantly inspirational piece of kit!


• Upgrade your joystick to a multi-function vector processor/controller! 

• Create quadraphonic signal panning for surround performances.

• Distribute a signal to 4 separate effects (distortions, delays, filters, etc.) at dynamic levels.

• Combine various sources (synth voices, drum machines, radio, samples, spoken word, etc.), to create experimental morphing mixes.

• Blend 4 oscillator waveform outputs to reproduce vintage vector synthesis techniques. 

• Use as a CV re-distribution continuous logic center to re-imagine your existing CV sources. 

• Utilize multiple inputs and outputs simultaneously in all modes to create complex, interactive patches.

• Create 4 morphing CV outs from a single CV input

• Use CV outs with VCAs or a VC mixer to create a parallel vector mix or distribution/pan!


  • Automatic sampling CV calibration (just hold the cal button while modulators go from min to max), v3kt is compatible with a wide range of -10 to +10 volt modulators including joysticks, envelopes, LFOs, etc...
  • 8 internal high-quality VCAs + amps for a clean signal path.
  • DC-coupled signal path: The V3KT can process multiple CVs and become a hub of CV processing in your patches!
  • Reverse power damage resistance: Helps protect the V3KT from reverse power connections.
  • Automatic memory state saves for calibration and mode.
  • All ins and outs are available in all modes to invite experimentation, feedback, etc.
  • LED output indicators to easily monitor the current vector plot position.
  • Immediate/fast interface
  • Manufactured by friends that we play music with in Portland, OR, USA

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