Alexander Robotnik - Vintage Robotnicks - Vinyl
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Alexander Robotnik - Vintage Robotnicks - Vinyl

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Alexander Robotnik - Vintage Robotnicks

Record Store Day Edition: Vintage Robotnicks is a killer presentation of early Alexander Robotnick material from the dudes and dudettes at Seattle label Medical Records, drawing together early singles and cuts never before released on vinyl. Medical are renowned for their disco obsession with Maurizio Dami's work as Alexander Robotnick, with his debut album Ce N'Est Q'Un Debut the subject of their second reissue back in 2010 and their love shines through on this eleven track collection. If your knowledge of the Robotnick oeuvre doesn't go very far past "Problemes D'Amour, you'll find Vintage Robotnicks an enlightening collection, largely covering his work recorded between 1982-1984. For fans of classic Italo disco and it's many permutations and essential to fans who loved the Medical Records reissue of Ce N'Est Q'Un Debut.

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