Wiggle #3

rene gets clock from qcd tap and then to echophon tempo in
rene qcv to 1v/oct dpo oscb and to 1v/oct on sto
rene cv to freq1 on mmg
rene gate x to strike dpo
dpo final to phonogene in broken echo mode with modulation to the varispeed and slide from teleplexer
teleplexer's plexers are red is complex lfo from maths, green is lfo from qplfo
both sto's run into mmg, mmg to optomix ch1
optomix ch1 strike from mixed trigger signals in the xaoc bytom
optomix ch2 is dpo final out via the phonogene in broken echo mode 
optomix sum out to echophon
qcd is clocking the qplfo, bytom, and function
qplfo modulates the both input on the function, the function cv out to sto1 shape and lin in
tiptop z4000 modulates dpo fold cv gain
echophon out to mixer
teleplexer out1 to dpo fold mod bus index and phonogene slide cv in. out2 to phonogene varispeed and freq2 mmg. out3 to input on function and echotime on echphonX