Wiggle #2

Wiggle #2
wogglebug ring mod out to ch1 of optomix, stepped out to plexer1 and sot 1v/oct, random gate out to strike ch2(sto), clock out to strike optomix ch1(bug ring mod)
sto 1v/oct from wogglebug chaos/stepped out, shape from teleplexer via wogglebug stepped out or function (lfo)
optomix ch1 is ring mod out from wogglebug, strike is from clock out from wogglebug, ch2 is sot, strike is from random gate out from wogglebug
function slow cycling lfo, fall time modulated by woggle cv out
dual delay input 1 is ring mod from wogglebug via the optomix, input 2 is sot via optomix
teleplexer out 1 to dual delay cv2 delay time, out 2 to sto shape input. plexer1 is chaos cv from wogglebug, plexer2 is slow cycle(lfo) from function