Wiggle #1

wiggle #1 consists of

the harvestman hertz donut is seq'd from oberkorn, same seq from oberkorn modulating the mod bus on hertz donut

make noise sto same seq'd from oberkorn

make noise optimix ch.1 hertz donut trigger from gate x from oberkorn, ch.2 is the sto triggered from gate y fro oberkorn

make noise function triggered by trigger riot

modcan dual delay input 1 hertz donut, input 2 sto, filter cv from function, main out to mixer.

909 toms, triggered by trigger riot, tune cv from oberkorn thru teleplexer, output to mixer

teleplexer out 1 to delay time1 on modcan, out 2 to to echo cv on modcan, out 3 to cv tune of low tom on 909 toms, input cv's from oberkorn 1 and 2