Synthesis Technology E560 Deflector Shield *USED

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Synthesis Technology E560 Deflector Shield *USED

fully functional in great shape. Minimal panel rash.

The E560 is a triple-mode effects module: a thru-zero frequency shifter, a phaser, and a ring modulator. What sets the E560 apart from other DSP effect modules is the unique carrier wave morphing feature. Traditional frequency shifters and phasers use sine waves as the carrier/modulator, but the E560 has eight different carrier waves that can be continuously cross-faded to create never-before heard soundscapes. The eight carrier waves are specifically selected to give the widest sonic palette, from simple frequency shifts, to 64-note "pattern sequences," to extreme harmonic content.

There are three operating modes available: Shift, RM, and Phase.

SHIFT is a frequency shifter that can shift thru-zero with two simultaneous outputs (down and up). Like traditional frequency shifters, a sine carrier will generate a smooth shift but the E560's seven other waves will generate a vast array of harmonic content and even patterns of evolving timbral shift.

RM is a standard ring modulator (4-quadrant multiplying VCA) with a twist: the two outputs are always forced into quadrature (90 degree phase shift). The eight carriers can produce everything from tremolo effects to gating to high degrees of distortion.

PHASE is an E560 exclusive mode. The audio input is applied to an eight-stage all-pass network. The two audio outputs are in quadrature, but in turn phase shifted from 0 to 360 degrees relative to the input. Not only that, the "vector" the phase shift follows is the data in the carrier wavetable. The phase shifting can be linear (saw wave), traditional (triangle), or bouncing all over the place (64-random phase waveform).

Not only do you have full control over the chosen effect, but also the Wet/Dry mix, and applying either positive or phase-inverted (negative) feedback, this introduces peaking at certain harmonics or cancellation of those harmonics. Applying a slow LFO to the feedback CV can produce a wide range of constantly changing spectral content.

There are four CVs available to control the E560 in real-time. All four of the panel controls have a corresponding CV input, so that you can "turn" all 4 knobs at once by applying 4 CVs.

The E560 is another unique DSP-based module that has no equal in the modular world, in any format. If you're stuck in a musical rut and looking for a new module with a wide range of sounds, the E560 might be exactly what you're looking for.

Width 14hp (70.8mm)
Depth 32mm
Power 14-pin Eurorack (90mA from +12V, 20mA from -12V)
4-pin MOTM (90mA from +15V, 20mA from -15V)
CV input range 10Vpp (-5V to +5V), DC to 8KHz
Audio Input 10Vpp (-5V to +5V), 5Hz minimum frequency
Audio Output 10Vpp (-5V to +5V), 5Hz to 18KHz
Jumper Options JP2: enable/disable carrier wave output at Audio Down/Up jacks when Mode switch is set to Phase. Due to AC coupling in the audio DAC filters, this waveform will only be full-scale at frequencies above 5Hz.

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