E-mu Ultra Proteus used

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E-mu Ultra Proteus used/consignment

1990's digital ROMPLER synth module.

The contents of Proteus 1,2,3 plus more filters than any module EMU ever made.

3 stereo pair outputs

An updated EMU Morpheus version with different wavetable and filter table.

A one of kind module able to create and morph motion textures with evolving pads.

The main panel features a 16 x 2 lines display, 8 buttons and a data encoder.

Back panel terminal connectors:
- Midi interface
- main signal out
- 2 assignable AUX

Front panel terminal connectors:
- headphones out
- data card slot.

MULTIMBRAL the 32 voice polyphony can be assigned to hypermode performance mode which manages 16 parts with individual settings:

FILTER this section features 288 Z-PLANE pre-calculated filters, these are combinations of 20 comb EQ with variable bandwidth parameters. The famous filter Morphing function interpolates 2 selected filter models simply using the modulation wheel control.
up to 2 delayed modulators (shapes: triangle, sinewave, square, saw and random). Modulators offer other special parameters such as depth and variance mode which is a natural strings instruments emulation, a kind of natural desynch process.

MATRIX matrix mod codes every parameters from one the another with many different path routing assignable to Midi CC# - these are really similar on the one found on the EMU samplers like ULTRA series.



pitch wheel

pitch OSC 1-2

Midi control assignable ABCD

volume OSC 1-2

mono pressure

ADSR osc1-2

polyphonic pressure



LFO1-2 amount/rate


AUX EG amount



function generator 1

portamento OSC1-2

function generator 2

filter morph 1-2

free run function generator

pan 1-2


function gen1 -2 amount

EFFECT there are 28 effects e.g : ring modulation, reverb, shimmer, phaser, delay, echo and fuzz.

for more info check out Polynomial's website. 

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