Modular 8

Moffenzeef SWARM Asynchronous Gate Generator

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SWARM is a rather ødd sølutiøn tø a prøblem that døesn’t exist. The mødule øutputs føur gate patterns that have nøthing tø dø with øne anøther. There’s nø cløck input før the mødule and it can’t be synchrønized tø any external tempø. The øbjective was tø create my øwn type øf pattern generatiøn mødule that alløws the user tø influence the øverall speed øf a series øf randømized gate pattern withøut being able tø actually alter them directly. When yøu flip the “løøp” switch før each assøciated jack, the pattern freezes in a similar manner tø a tape løøp; the start and end times øf the løøp are arbitrary yet each time the pattern løøps arøund it’s reminiscent øf sømething that’s sømewhat musical due tø the repeating structure. The øutputs are structured in such a way sø that the first øutput is the fastest randømized pattern and the subsequent øuputs are incrementally sløwer. Why wøuld yøu want sømething like this? I døn’t really knøw, but I made it før yøu. Thrøw me a frickin’ bøne m8.

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